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Bro Bang - 0.8.10 - warm-up for season 2

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CryptoCompany CEO is a project for the love of our Hive Blockchain. It is not a company where the profit motive is the main priority. My motivation is to further establish the Hive Blockchain, as beautiful, relevant and moving as it is and can be, and to support it to the best of my ability. Coupled with the joy that I am able to bring to the world, this is what drives this project day by day.

Thank you for taking part in and supporting this journey!

Earn rewards on our postings

May I ask you if you would like to set up an automatic voting service to reliably provide us with your vote?

That would be fantastic! For both of us!

If you like, you can log in to hive.vote with your Hive account and set up the autovoter in the menu item "Fanbase". Recommended accounts would be @cryptocompany, @brobang, @flexnet or @powerpaul.


Our tokens not only generate valuable CCPower for you, giving you valuable benefits in and around CryptoCompany CEO. An occasional purchase of CCD or SQM also helps to stabilize the market and the value of the tokens.

Enjoy the trail!

Join the "cryptocompany" curation trail at hive.vote! This supports CryptoCompany CEO and the entire player community. The best thing about it: You vote for meaningful content and automatically earn Hive Power without having to lift a finger.

Write about!

You can multiply your winnings from the game if you write about CryptoCompany CEO, their games, interaction possibilities and your experiences with them. For such noble deeds we will of course hand out juicy 100% votes plus our voting trail.

There is plenty of inspiration! Be it our games or investment pools, the token markets or our HP delegation rewards, CCPower and so on.

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= 13% APR

The more Hive Power (HP) we have, the better we can reward interaction with CryptoCompany CEO.

Delegate Hive Power to @cryptocompany or @ccceo.invest and get rewarded in CCDollar!

Payments are made in CCDollars (CCD).
Payouts daily, sent from @ccceo.rewards.
Calculated with a 13% APR on your Hive Power delegations.
Up to a 3% bonus for top rankings.

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Delegate HP (Hive Power) or update an existing delegation. When updating an existing delegation, the amount specified will replace the previous amount. If the delegation amount is reduced, it will take 5 days for the HP to be available again in your account - as it is normally on the Hive blockchain.

Unneeded tokens?

Of course you can donate any tokens you don't need. We will then use them, raffle them off or sell them.

If you like, you can choose to send your donation to @powerpaul, @ccceo.wallet or @ccceo.rewards.

The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible within one round, before you lose all hearts. Points are generated when coin pins touch the hammer or its effective radius. A round ends when the machine or the player has no more hearts.

There are coin pins and BRO pins. Coin pins earn you points. Contact with BRO pins creates additional challenges in the game. Contact with BRO pins does not reduce hearts. However, the following challenges must be successfully completed and may well end the round.

The player can pick up and hold 2 hammers. Each with the left or right mouse button. Each hammer has its own specific mass and different types of movements and corresponding damage. 3 regular types of movement (normal click, in combination with A, in combination with D) are available. 2 further boost punches (in combination with W or S) can be unlocked when the boost indicator has reached 100%. Each type of punch has its own movement pattern, speed and damage, which is transferred to the machine or other objects in the game if a punch hits the object.

Important note: The general hit or a miss is determined by the click - not by the hammer.

In detail: a player's hit consists of 2 components. On the one hand, the click of the mouse (here you can imagine an invisible laser beam from the camera to the cursor), which is detected exactly at the point where the click/laser hits. The second part is the actual movement of the hammer towards the clicked spot. Game points are generated when the hammer touches the pins - not by the click itself. The click "only" determines whether you click precisely on a pin - or not.

At the top of the screen you have a boost display, reaching from 0 to 100. One for your left hand and one for your right hand. Regular punches (+ 10) and punches in combination with A and D (+ 5) charge your boost. If your boost is full, you can perform one of 2 boosted punches (a punch in combination with W or S). A boost shot reduces your boost again back to 0 or the respective value that you have "drunk" by using the booster drink in the game. Different amounts of boost are added depending on the size of the can. The values can be found in the respective booster description in the game.

Primarily, points are generated when the hammer touches the pins during a punch - not by the click itself. So if you have clicked on a coin pin but it has disappeared from the playing field before the hammer hits it, this is not a failure because you have already proven your reflexes. But no point either. Just a hammer that needs a little more tuning.

Points can also be generated if pins are lined up on the playing field.

You receive +1 level for 10 successful hits. Levels are used to calculate multipliers.

The machine has 3 generalized modes, which we call "normal round" (one pin on the playing field), "multi round" (several pins on the playing field) and "spawn wave" (fast wave of appearing pins between a normal and a multi round) for simplification.

One way to activate a multiplier is to hit pins during a spawn wave. The amount of the multiplier corresponds to your level.

Spawn waves appear between normal and multi rounds. You can hit pins in these waves and receive a point multiplier or wait briefly and let the wave pass. The display to the right of the screen shows you how many waves you can still skip (maximum 5) until you are forced by the machine to score points in a wave. Once you have done this, your bar is full again and you can skip waves again.

The machine starts with 3 hearts. If the player clicks next to a pin during the game, the machine loses one heart. If the machine reaches 0 hearts, the current round is ended, the game is saved and a new round is started.

The player also has hearts. 10 hearts at the start of a round. The player takes damage when hostile objects attack or through environmental damage from any weapons used by the player. If the player reaches 0 hearts, the current round is ended, the game is saved and a new round is started.

If you encounter monsters or zombies in the game, they will try to reach you and attack you until your player hearts are at 0. You can of course defend yourself with hammer blows.

The player plays against the clock. Specifically, the player may not fall below a certain ratio between the time elapsed and the number of pins hit. This mechanism prevents the player from slow-playing.

If the player falls too far below the average, a warning message is displayed - the game is still valid. If the average drops further, a message is displayed stating that the player will not be placed in the rankings.

There is an ongoing event every week. The current period can be seen in various places on the website and is generally given in UTC.

Seasons run regularly in addition to weekly events. Points in seasons are generated by the player achieving good placings in events. Specifically, the final result of an event is taken and those who place first receive season points. The first-placed player in an event receives 13 season points. The runner-up receives 12 season points and so on. Finally, up to the 13th place, who receives one point.

The season points are added up after each event and at the end of the season make up the season winners list.

We also have an "In General" list, which shows the best scores since the game was released. This does not result in monetary gain, but recognition and honor.

The prize money is displayed next to the placings or shown when you hold your mouse over the respective placement. The winnings are transferred to the players' Hive Engine wallets after the end of the event or season and a manual check for plausibility and accuracy of the game results.