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Frequently asked questions

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Main Game

How can I get access to the main game?

Right now we are in publishing process and have limited access. This means that we gradually give out CCCEO Access Codes in order to increase the number of players. This will happen to the extent that we can carry out the first practical tests. If you like to get access, it depends in which role you see yourself. Partners of course or game testers will have access. The regular way for players will be to collect CCPower (CCP for short) - the more CCP a Hivian has in his wallet, the earlier the Hivian will receive an access code (because we open the game for players step by step to check out the server stats, bugs and so on).

You can find all information about CCPower any your Access Code here on our website.

Where can I receive more info about the main game?

Actually we combine our "old" website cryptocompany.ceo With this new one. Step by step we transfer the content, work it up and integrate it here. This topic follow. If you have more questions, please read this site or join our Discord.


Can I play with multiple accounts or bots?

No. I don't tolerate one person playing on multiple accounts or using bots. Regular I detect and block any behavior that does not comply with this. If you need an exception, please inform me about your wish before you start playing with the second account.

If I determine with certainty that a player is playing on multiple accounts or using bots, I will block the corresponding accounts.

What is an Event (in Bro Bang) and how does it work?

Events are linked to a mini-game or quest. Most events last for a week. The event information will always tell you when the event takes place. Have you seen our Event Overview? Within that week, the points you earn in that mini-game or quest will count towards the event - from the time you sign up for the event. At the end of the event period, the winners will be determined, a winners post will be published and rewards will be sent out.

Note: the time on Taka-Token-Island is generally measured in UTC - you can also see the current time on the rankings page.

HP Delegations & Delegation Dynasty 2

To which account I should delegate Hive Power (HP)?

All information about delegation can be found on the subpage for Delegation Dynasty 2.

CCPower (CCP for short)

What is CCPower and what is it for?

Accumulating CCPower will also give you certain advantages within CryptoCompany CEO. For example, you may receive more luck when opening chests, discounts in the store, or possibly even other small gifts when new things are added to the game world! (See the overview of the corresponding ranks and advantages here.)

Why CCPower?

CCPower essentially serves 2 functions, and ultimately helps both the players, as well as the game makers!

Good for players:

Thanks to the power of the Hive Blockchain, CryptoCompany CEO will be profitable to play for all parties – there is no barrier to gain entry to the game, and no system that wants to rip you off financially.

Good for game makers:

We as game makers want to positively inspire as many new users as possible for the Hive Blockchain and integrate them as deeply as possible. Also directly on the chain, instead of only in third-party applications. We use the financial instruments of the blockchain to enable profits for the player on the one hand, but also to be able to run the game with reduced cost pressure.

How to get CCPower?

CCPower is not available for purchase, and can only be generated by supporting CryptoCompany CEO or by completing various in-game activities! As to each activity, we measure different amounts of CCPower to be obtained and distributed.

Our operations and the features of how you can interact with CryptoCompany CEO on the Hive Blockchain are continuously growing. We will adapt the possibilities to generate CCPower to this. Even if new opportunities are added, previous conditions will not deteriorate!

Currently, you can generate CCPower through:

Flexible weighting:

What to do CCPower you get
Vote a post from one of our accounts 1 HTU / 0.5 · 1,000 CCP
Delegate HP to @CryptoCompany or @ccceo.invest 1 HP · 100 CCP
Holding SQM 1 SQM · 10,000 CCP
Holding CCD 1 CCD · 1 CCP

Fixed weighting:

What to do CCPower you get
Follow our Hive accounts (See all valid accounts here.) 100 CCP per account
Reblog an article from one of our accounts 200 CCP per reblog
Comment “+CCSUB” 500 CCP once
CCCommunity subscription on Hive 500 CCP once

Land Plots in the main game

Actually I combine our "old" website with this new one. Step by step I transfer the content, work it up and integrate it here. This topic will follow. If you have more questions, please read this site or join our Discord.

You can already find some content about the topic on the Map subpage.

Voting for this website

My vote has disappeared!?

You have voted for a service/subpage of the CryptoCompany CEO website and now the heart is empty again, apparently disappeared? Your vote has not disappeared, but was gratefully received and has now finally reached us. Don't worry, but thank you very much!

Details for curious technicians:
When you vote for a CryptoCompany CEO service, your vote lands on a content block that is stored on the Hive Blockchain. A content block on the Hive Blockchain is only voteable for 7 days (and is then paid out). Therefore, a service/subpage receives a new content block every 7 days - in order to be able to receive a vote as a small "thank you".

What do I vote for when I press the heart?

The big red heart in the bottom corner of the page is a support for the website/service and goes 100% towards the maintenance of this website and the further development of CryptoCompany CEO Services & Games. In this context it may be interesting and important for you to know: Freelancers at CryptoCompany CEO are usually paid in HIVE/HBD. The values that you generate with your vote are therefore not transferred away from the blockchain as quickly as possible, but support developers working on the blockchain and the Hive economy.