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What's inside the PACKS?

I would like to give you an overview before you buy (or own and hold) $CCDPACK. Since the initial release of the game is still ongoing, the amount and variety of items will increase from week to week.

You don't own $CCDPACK yet? Well then you should get some fast, before the big golden opening begins!


Tuning Parts

A large proportion of items consist of add-on and tuning parts for cars. Whether rims, engines, nitro, spoilers, exhaust systems or body kits - everything is included.


Boats & Ships

What would an island world be without boats and ships? Correct. And in order to fill the unimaginably long time until publication, to give you a little compensation and an extra round of gaming fun, we have integrated the first boats right away.

V.I.P. Tickets

Some areas and their benefits are only accessible with appropriate V.I.P. tickets. A few tickets for different locations can also be found in the packs. Become a V.I.P.!


Shovels & Spades

In the game you have the opportunity to find treasures. And you may also need the right tool for one or two puzzles. How fitting that you can find the right shovels and spades directly in the packs. Of course with the appropriate luck factor to find even bigger treasures.



Yes, you will be able to make music. And believe me: thanks to a clever selection of musical elements and some program code, you don't have to be a genius to create big beats. And publish them on the blockchain?