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A project like CryptoCompany CEO is only possible with strong partners and supporters. All of our thanks go to them in particular. Without them CryptoCompany would never have become what it is today and can become tomorrow.

I would like to introduce my partners and supporters to you. It is highly likely that you will also find great actions and content on the blockchain with them - check them out!

The order of listing is done randomly.



GM:FRENS is a HIVE/WAX cross-blockchain social NFT project aimed at driving engagement between new and old users. Users can earn GM tokens on the WAX blockchain by using the #gmfrens tag on INLEO while saying "good morning" to their frens!


The BRO token is a passive income suite firmly focused on its community. Focused on the best passive income opportunities for users and take advantage of them. Bringing the community HIVE drips since 2019.


The Oneup-Cartel is a meta gaming guild with a focus on the HIVE ecosystem and investment in gaming NFTs and tribes. Also active in creating small tools and toys to enhance interaction with HIVE and the HIVE communities.

In other words: games , swaps, pools, and fun.

Stick Up Boys

Music writers and producers from Brighton, UK. Not only electronic pop music influenced from modern EDM and electonica as well as the most notorious of the 80’s pop scene - the Stick Up Boys have been heralded as the “new sound of urban pop music”.

Crypto Shots

Web3 First-Person-Shooter on the Hive & WAX Blockchain with NFT integration to both blockchains. Regular as well as unscheduled competitions.

The LOLZ Project

LOLZ is the cryptocurrency with a funny bone. On a mission to spread laughter and crypto, one joke at a time.


ATX is an exploration and support token with focus on onboarding people into the Hive Blockchain while making it fun and educational.