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CryptoCompany CEO Voting Service

Exchange $CCD to votes on your postings.

Use your CCD token to have posts voted on the Hive Blockchain by us and our voting trail. The math is pretty simple when you calculate how much CCD you invest to get X HP and HBD as a reward for a post.

Don't have any CCD? Now is the best time to buy them and use them profitably!

Bonus Burn!
Actually 100%
of the CCD is burned!

Last 10 posts on your blog:

Please log in to view your posts and use the voting feature.

Desired quantity of CCD:

500 CCD
This means a 50.00% vote from CCCEO related accounts + trail and approximately* 0.58 USD/HTU for your post, not including trail accounts.

*= Please note that the actual value of the vote may vary depending on the current market price or our mana at the time of the vote. We are working on the live calculation.

In line with the mission to support the Hive Blockchain and make it more relevant, I have set up this voting service. Not only does it offer you a profitable way to use your CCD and provide your postings with HTU, but it also serves CryptoCompany CEO and the market to stabilize the price of his tokens. This service calculates the price so that the ratio between CCD and vote always brings a profitable factor for the user.

This service is currently in the test phase and can still be edited as a result. The normal burn rate of CCD is 20% and is documented in the blockchain data and articles by @cryptocompany.

This voting service is available in different strengths and speeds. Sorry if this bothers you at the moment. However, this is not only a necessary and further barrier against fast-moving spam accounts, but also a measure to stabilise the value of the CCD. Both should be welcomed by fans of the Hive Blockchain and CryptoCompany CEO. All the necessary criteria are easy for real people to meet and are monitored automatically - your entry on the whitelist will be activated accordingly.

With whitelisting

Instant vote after submitting a post you wrote. (Actually in test mode.)
Up to 100% voting value from all our included accounts.

Without whitelisting

Manual checking on every link, which can sometimes take time.
Only up to 50% voting value from the included accounts.

You are on the whitelist if you meet the following criteria:

1. You are not included on the HiveWatchers/Spaminator or CryptoCompany CEO blacklist.
2. You have already received at least 3 votes via this voter.
3. You have at least 100,000 CCD staked in your wallet.

This service is not intended to support low-quality content. Each article is checked manually before voting unless the account where receives the vote is on our voter whitelist. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your content, please ask @cryptocompany in a comment below the related article. I will then check and give you feedback on whether this type of content is okay.


Content must be in English, at least as an integrated second version/translation
Content that was largely generated by artificial intelligence is not allowed
NSFW content not allowed
Memes or any kind of sweepstakes that are not not related to CryptoCompany CEO
Content from accounts with a Hive reputation less than 55
Accounts on the CryptoCompany CEO blacklist