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Our Task List

Part of our healthy (for our team members) company policy is to publish to-do lists to the outside world, rather than schedules. There are several reasons for this.

For one thing, it helps keep team members from working themselves sick by taking some of the pressure off them. It also allows us to focus on the content and details of the game, and to implement ideas - even if they take longer. We see: If you approach your work with love, it may take longer, but you make a difference.

Note: CryptoCompany CEO comes from a small team that creates this project out of love and joy and not from a big, commercially oriented game studio.

We are also independent from big investors, which we don't see as a bad thing. We see and focus on the positive aspects of this circumstance and look forward to growing CryptoCompany CEO organically and together with you!

First public beta


With the first set of features, we want to open the game to first-time players. After that, more access codes will be issued gradually.



The AGGREATOR car jump tower is waiting for the game loop to be completed.

Opening of the Diesel Pool

February 2023

Opening of the CCD:SWAP.HIVE Diesel Pool.

Launch of the CCD token

November 2022

The CCD is a token on the Hive Blockchain, short for CryptoCompany Dollar, and is the main token in the game. It is used to purchase items such as clothing, weapons, vehicles or tuning parts, but is also awarded as rewards for completing tasks or competitions.

BRO BANG Mini-Game

October 2023

BRO BANG is the first mini-game - including competitions with prize money - on an arcade machine and thus the first machine in the upcoming arcade hall.

Opening of the market


To enable automated buying and selling of items and properties.

Turbo Track mini-game

June 2023

With Turbo Track, a car racing game, another mini-game has arrived on the island.

First demo for early partners

Last Quarter 2022

To better evaluate the future game, we are releasing a first demo version, accessible by appointment to potential investors and early partners.

Launch of the SQM token

June 2022

The SQM token is used to buy land in the game world. SQM is derived from the English square metre, and therefore corresponds to an area in the game - a square metre.

Each plot and the building on it is unique and only exists once. As the buyer of a plot of land, you can work with CryptoCompany's "architects" to design your plot of land, and we will build it into the world accordingly, linking it to the storyline, mini-games and the game world.

Car editor completed


Vehicles plus the corresponding add-on and tuning parts.

First Mini Game

May 2023

With the INCOME Dollar Drive, the first mini-game was implemented on the island world of Taka-Token-Island.

Multiplayer Integration

Third Quarter 2022

Integration and first tests of multiplay functionality.

Player Editor

Third Quarter 2022

Editor to create and customise the player character (3D Avatar).

First Designs & Prototyping

April 2022

More by “accident” the first buildings were created. In fact, on the first of April, these were presented for the first time on the blockchain and raised the idea of the game.