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Make your way!

In the game you start as an intern and become a crypto and media mogul. Along the way, you’ll learn about blockchain technology, act with it in an easy-to-understand way and (hopefully) become the biggest crypto king on the blockchain.

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Earn Cryptocurrency

In the game you can earn tokens on the Hive blockchain by collecting them, earning them through activities or by playing and solving riddles that appear in the game’s story.

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Guide Included

You do not know what to do? CryptoCompany CEO will never give you any shady investment tips, but always valuable advice on how to improve your crypto existence and understanding.

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Friendly for Newcomers

You don’t need any prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies or blockchain technology. The game will gradually guide you through various topics in the field of the Hive blockchain and beyond and gives you full freedom to decide what to do with the knowledge.

You can just learn or go all the way and become a top earner on the blockchain. If you don’t understand something, you will find advice in the game and in the community around Hive and CryptoCompany CEO.


When will CryptoCompany launch?

CryptoCompany offers a great potential gaming experience in combination with cryptocurrencies and the Hive blockchain.

To implement this, as well as to pack it into a lovingly designed ambience, takes time. You can see our timeline here.

Regular updates on the game, as well as special pre-launch promotions can be found on @cryptocompany.

Is there anything for early participants?

Crown Of course! So you should already register your account on the Hive blockchain and follow @cryptocompany to participate in exclusive giveaways and benefits. Also, the first access codes to the game will be given out there. Become exclusive!

Free to play?

Absolutely. You don’t need anything – apart from an account on the Hive blockchain. The blockchain account is also available for free. Therefore, there is no pay-to-win. This game is meant to bring you money – and not to rip you off with lootboxes or anything like that.

Why? In short: because we love the Hive blockchain and think it is a revolutionary opportunity that should be further established in the world.

How the game is funded? The game is essentially funded by HIVE users and blockchain mechanisms, donations, and postings on the blockchain.

Can I earn real money?

Earnings in CryptoCompany CEOIn the game, you earn various tokens on the HIVE blockchain. HIVE is an established cryptocurrency and blockchain technology and can be exchanged for all major currencies such as bitcoin, dollars or euros via popular trading platforms such as Binance, Nominex, Upbit or MEXC Global. So in the end, you can transfer money to your account – if you want to.

If you actually wanted to ask if you’ll get rich by playing this game, then we would like to say: you’ll learn a lot about cryptocurrency and generate coins constantly. If you make the right out of it, it’s the beginning of an exciting journey. We, as creators of this game, like to give you knowledge about crypto and blockchain in an enjoyable way and help you on your way.

Stay tuned!

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