Media materials

Here you will find graphics and promotional materials that you can freely use when reporting about CryptoCompany CEO. We are continuously expanding this section as we have created new material. If you need more material or higher resolutions, please contact us.

You already know the subpage “Preview”? There you will find in-game footage, which you are also allowed to use.

Logo CryptoCompany CEO

Logo CryptoCompany CEO
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Win 1 out of 10 exciting cars

Car sweepstakes advertising 01
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SQM advertising banner 01

SQM advertising 01
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Get Ready To Rumble

Get ready to rumble 01
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Example construction process

Example construction process 01
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Newcomers general information

Newcomers general information 01
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Wanna see something?

Wanna see something 01
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Ready to win?

Ready to win 01
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Don't forget LOLZ

Don’t forget the lolz 01
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